PC Magic by Gnomes!


Gandalf the White:
When Wizard Magic couldn't destroy the conficker worm on my laptop, I turned to the PC Gnomes and they got the job done!

Frodo Baggins:
Uncle Bilbo and I could not get our web cams to sync. PC Gnomes fixed the Registry!

Get our
Gnome Magic to shine on your computer.

PC Gnomes is now proud to announce its partnership with Kaspersky Lab, the award winning Internet Security and AntiVirus company.  Following is an introductory offer link for 10% off any of their award winning Security products:

Save on Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010 Instantly!
Instant savings on KAV 1 pc, one year license Digital product Offer Expires 12/04/10

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Save 10% on Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Instantly!
Receive 10% off on a one-year license for 1-3 PCs. Offer Expires 12/04/10

Coupon Code: No Code Needed!


'puter have a bug? - We exterminate it!

Programs having problems? - We diagnose, advise and fix 'em.

Registry acting screwy? - We repair with alacrity.

Need printers, scanners, web cams, etc installed?
AbraCadaBra - Up and running.

Hard-drive getting full? - We can add, replace and/or clean it out.

Need a wireless network set up? - Gnome Magic is the best!

Want a secure SOHO network? - We lock and load!

We are behind the scenes and in the bushes of Palm Beach County, Florida!

We will work on site or will pick up and deliver or connect to you remotely with Gnome Magic!

Contact us at (561)797-7401 or via email

EMAIL US,   Mortals!!

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